“Do you know me?” says 名詞修飾形(めいししゅうしょくけい/Noun modifying form)/Small contest

Inspired by one of my students (A-san) taking N2 to write an article on this.

A lot of students that i speak to, not just my new students that i took, but also students from other schools mentioned that that have problem understanding 名詞修飾形/noun-modifying form.

At N2 level, 名詞修飾形 is needed to understand the grammar (i won’t go into details how this can help you to identify what option to pick in the exam) , but also help you to form your sentence. Below is a short example of how 名詞修飾形 is formed.

Let’s try to use this to form 8 sentences to help you to understand this.

Sentence 1:
Wisma Atria is in Orchard Road:
Wisma Atria は Orchard Roadにあります。

Sentence 2:
Now when i want to describe “Wisma Atria that is in Orchard Road”, it will become
「Orchard RoadにあるWisma Atria」

Note that: 「Orchard RoadのWisma Atria」 is also correct, but the meaning will be translated to “Orchard Road’s Wisma Atria”

Notice what happens? You will change the 「あります」 in  Sentence 1’s 「Orchard Roadにあります」  to 「ある」
Remove the 「は」 away, and pop the whole part 「Orchard Roadにある」 to the front of Wisma Atria.

Sentence 3:
Orchard Road of Singapore
シンガポールのOrchard Road

Now try to translate this

Sentence 4:
Wisma Atria that is in Orchard Road of Singapore.

Did you manage to get the answer?

Sentence 5:
Suzuki-san went to Wisma Atria that is in Orchard Road of Singapore.
鈴木さんはシンガポールのOrchard RoadにあるWisma Atriaへ行きました。

Now, let’s try to describe Suzuki-san. Say, Suzuki-san that has money.

Sentence 6:
Suzuki-san has money.

Sentence 7 (following what has been mentioned in Sentence 2)
Suzuki-san that has money.

Let’s try to combine Sentence 5 and 7 together.

Sentence 8:
Suzuki-san that has money went to Wisma Atria that is in Orchard Road of Singapore.
お金がある鈴木さんはシンガポールのOrchard RoadにあるWisma Atriaへ行きました。
Wow, did you guys manage to follow me through the 8 sentences?

I am going to give a small prize to the one who can translate the below English statement. This is only limited to those who are currently studying at N2 or below and residing in Singapore. When there is more than 1 correct answer, the 1st person who answered correctly will get the prize. The prize is a Kurotoga mechanical pencil, not the ordinary mechanical pencil that you can find in the market. You can read here for more info or watch the Youtube video to see how it works.

Deadline: 16th May 12pm

Answers and explanation will be announced on 17th May. (^_^)

Template for submission

Subject: Do you know me contest?
Current level of study:
Send the answer to here

Winner will be announced on the 17th May and notified by email (^_^)

While the poor but handsome Tao-san was eating a $1.50 Tao Sha Pia at Hanis which is beside the white colored National Library which is located at Middle Road of Bugis, Singapore, he met the pretty Licia-san who was eating a $1.50 Tao Sha Pia and currently studying Japanese at Chacha Language School .
Good luck!

Would like to end today’s post with a nice song

君がいるから (Kindaichi Case Files’s theme song)

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