天 vs 地: 天丼! (Heaven and Earth: Tendon)


こんばんは。っていうか、おはようございます! :p

安いし、美味しいし。。。 500円で買える天丼。。。。

秋葉原(中央通り)の近くに1箇所があります。今度、東京にいたら、食べてみに行ってください。 (^_^)

詳しくは まで
Evening everyone, or should i say Good morning. :p

Today i’ll like to introduce one of the food that i like, Tendon (tempura served over a bowl of rice)

If you want to eat tendon in Japan, in Japan there’s a chain restaurant called Tenya.
Cheap and delicious… Tendon that you can buy with 500 yen.

Near to Akihabara (Chuo Doori), there’s one outlet over there.
The next time, do drop by to take a look. (^_^)

For more details, see

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