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新幹線 till 京都パート1:清水寺 (Till Kyoto with Shinkansen Part 1: Kiyomizudera)



恋人同士はそこで縁結びのお守りを買ったり、好きな人と幸せになると願ってやまない(N1級の文法) 絵馬を描きます。


今度、チャンスがあれば、京都に行って、清水寺のお水を飲んでみてください。 (^_^)

Good morning everyone.

Have you been to Kyoto before? Kyoto was once the old capital of Japan.
Today, i’ll like to introduce Kyoto. Talking about Kyoto, there’s a lot of temples and shrines.
For example, the most famous temple, Kiyomizudera, the shrines with lots of torii, Fushimi Inari Shrine and Gion.

It is heard that couples often like to go to Kiyomizudera. Over there, there is a shrine, Jishu Shrine which you can pray for marriage.
Over there, couples will buy amulets for marriage, write Ema to pray for happiness with their loves ones.

Not only that, Kiyomizudera also has a waterfall called Otowa waterfall. The water from the waterfall will be split into 3. If you drink the various water from the streams, it is said that you will receive long life, success in school and happiness in love life.

The next time, if you have the chance, go to Kyoto and drink the water. (^_^)

音羽滝 (The Otowa waterfall) /Rights belong to

清水寺/ Kiyomizudera

地主神社/Jishu Love Shrine (Rights belong to

恋愛のお守り (Rights belong to Jishu Shrine)

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