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お帰りなさい編その1: 新世界 in 大阪




それじゃ、写真の時間です! (^_^)

Morning everyone.

I am writing this from Osaka. Now i am at this place called “Shin sekai (The New World)”. Talking about Shinsekai, there’s a tower called Tsutenkaku (the tower leading to heaven), you can also eat famous food like Kutsu Katsu, Yakisoba, Okomiyaki, etc. In Shinsekai, there are also a lot of prostitutes.  Why did i bring my student to such a place. There’s only 1 reason. The hotels here are cheap. 1 night for 2 persons cost about 7000 yen.

To find out more about Shinsekai, you can visit here

Time for pictures. (^_^)

Yakisoba and Okonomiyaki.


The station name for shinsekai is called 動物園前 (In front of the zoo)

Not forgetting one of the Osaka nice songs, 大阪 LOVER

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