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小樽!オタル! タオルじゃないよ! (Otaru, Otaru, Not Taoru!)


もちろん、小樽の運河を忘れないでね。 夜の時、小樽の運河をみたら、すごくキレイだと思います。

皆さんは今度小樽にいたら、大声で「小樽、オタル、タオルじゃないよ」といってみて、その気持ちを感じてみてください。 (^_^)
Evening everyone.
How was your work this week? It was very stressful for me.
As i am heading to Japan on Monday 6am, i have lots of things to do.
Today, i would like to introduce Otaru, 45 mins from Sapporo.

Talking about Otaru, I think Kitaichi Glass, a street is famous. You can blow glass, eat delicious melon, eat delicious and cheap Seafood Don.
Of course, don’t forget about Otaru Canal. At night, when you see Otaru Canael, i think it’s super beautiful.

The next time when you are at Otaru, try to say this in a loud voice “Otaru, Otaru, Taoru jya nai yo” and experience the feeling. (^_^)

Otaru Canal

Blowing Glass

Famous Shop for buying souvenirs

Wow. 4200 yen!

2900 yen Seafood Don

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