日本のタクシー (Japan’s taxi)

私は何回も乗ったことがあります。最初(さいしょ)の賃走(ちんそう)は550円 (12シンガポールドル?)から。
高い!ですから、日本人はシンガポールのどこへ行きたくてもずっとタクシーだと思います。。。 =)
「_____(行きたい場所) までおねがいします」。
大発見になるかもしません。 (^_^)
Hi everyone,
Good evening. Sorry for being late. I had classes from morning and was tough.
I was teaching and attending a friend’s wedding.
Today’s topic is about taxis in Japan. Have you taken a taxi before?
I took several times. The starting fare is from 550 yen onwards.
EXPENSIVE~! That’s why, i think when Japanese people want to go to any places in Singapore, they will take a taxi.
By the way, what should you say when you board a taxi in Japan? It’s easy.
「__________(place that you wish to go) made onegai shimasu.」
While you are in the taxi, i think your heart will beat.
Why? The next time when you board a taxi in Japan, see the device like the below picture.
It might become a great discovery! (^_^)

やっぱり、自転車のほうがいいですね。 (As i thought, a bicycle is still better)
Enjoy, 自転車!

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